• Mobile Marketing
    Instant results
    Easy to work with
    Easy to track responses
    Huge viral potential
    Customer Engagement and Retention
  • Social Media Marketing
    Brand Recognition
    New customer acquisition
    Increased conversion with posts
    Improved Brand Loyalty
    Best channel for word-of-mouth
  • Voice Broadcasting
    Personalized messages
    Consistent and efficient
    Improved customer Interaction
    Highly scalable
    Definite results
  • Instant Messaging
    Stay connected with your customers
    In-line with customer trend of chatting
    Easy file transfers
    Insert Hyperlinks with text
    Customer Engagement and Retention

All-in-one marketing is taking the industry by storm, providing businesses and organizations of all types and sizes with powerful tools to effectively market and communicate with diverse audiences. By integrating multiple communication channels, you can reach your entire audience through their preferred channel. This skyrockets opt-in rates, read rates, and most importantly, delivers real results.


Engage your audience, drive traffic, boost revenue, and automatically collect contact information in fun and interactive ways! With high-impact features like mobile keywords, QR codes, mobile coupons, appointment text reminders, and more, you can run a variety of creative mobile marketing campaigns and feel the impact right away. Take advantage of mobile marketing's popularity and reach customers no matter where they are.


The integration of multiple communication channels, marketing features, and contact lists in a single system truly makes all-in-one marketing a uniquely powerful and dynamic solution. Businesses and organizations don't have to worry about scattered data, learning different software, or paying various bills. With all-in-one marketing, everything you need to market and communicate effectively is at your fingertips

Our services Everything about Direct Marketing Just Got Easier with Loyalitica

Mobile Keywords

Insert the mobile keywords into your marketing material and attract potential customers. For example – To register text Loyaltica to 95577

Updates, Reminders and greetings

Interact with your customers in a hassle free-way and remind them to have lesser no-shows resulting in savings. You can even schedule these reminders in advance.

Multi-channel coupons

Run promotions like discounts in a more effective way and increase traffic and a boost in sales. Your customers will love getting these deals

Multi-channel Voting

Maintain transparency with your customers and collect their feedback and provide resolutions. Engage your audience and see what they have to say.

Contact Management

Collect, maintain and organize your contacts into lists. In addition, you can view reports on opt-ins, opt-outs and modes of sign-up by your customers.


Various statistical procedures can be used on the data collected about your customers to gain insights into their buying behaviors, brand loyalty, etc.,